Automotive Products

Bearing Wholesalers is Australia’s leading supplier of automotive bearings and associated products offering an unparalleled range in wheel bearing kits, wheel hubs, oil seals, timing belt kits, timing belts, drive belts, engine pulleys, tensioners, driveshafts, CV joints, universal joints, centre bearings, rubber couplings, gearbox rebuild kits, 4×4 transfer case rebuild kits, differential bearing kits, swivel housing kits, clutch thrust and spigot bearings, power steering kits and many other associated products.

Product quality and market leading range have always been the number one priority for Bearing Wholesalers. Having the ability to hand pick the componentry using over 35 years of experience and assemble products in its own kitting facility in Melbourne has been invaluable from the product quality point of view. Having access and long established relationships with a vast number of suppliers all around the world, both OE and aftermarket, gives Bearing Wholesalers the leading edge and enables the team to pick the best option for every application ensuring ongoing quality and peace of mind for its customers. These are some of the reasons why Bearing Wholesalers has been the supplier of choice when it comes to the automotive bearing components in Australia.

Bearing Wholesalers also offer complete solutions for passenger trailers including all popular trailer bearing kits, bearing buddies, trailer couplings, trailer plugs, brakes, axles, u-bolts, wheel studs and nuts, jockey wheels, LED lights and more.

Automotive Product Range